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Therma beach Kos

Therma in Greek means hot springs and this perfectly sums up this beach where hot springs flow from volcanic rocks into the sea and heat up the water. This characteristic means that it is a perfect place to swim even during the very early or late season. The closer you are to the rocks the hotter the water which smells mildly of sulphur and bubbles up continually. There are quite a few flat rocks on which you can bask or clamber upon. Coming out of the pool and into the sea the water shelves deeply but offers a welcoming chance to cool off. There is no shade at the warm pool so if you come during the day a beach umbrella may be a good idea. There is also a small café offering snacks and cold drinks during the summer months. One of the best times of day to take a dip in the healing, soothing waters is at sunset. It is less likely to be busy and the combination of the hot water and the sunset is unbelievably magical. The sand on the beach is fine and black giving it a distinctive exotic appearance. There is a path from the road down to the beach that is accessible by car or motor bike and a small car park at the bottom. There are also donkey rides at a cost of 8 euros for the return journey that will take you down to the thermal pool.

Therma beach