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The Roman villa of Kos

roman villa mosaicOne of the most impressive sights of Kos is the restored Roman villa. The Roman villa excavated in 1933 by the Italian archaeologist Laurenzi and almost immediately the Italian administration proceeded to full restoration of the house which was completed in 1940. The size and the rich decoration of the Roman house made archaeologists to believe that probably it belonged to a noble family of Kos as the first phase of its contruction is calculated in the Hellenistic period.

The life of this wonderful house with additions and repairs lasted at least until the 3rd century AD. Impressive are the 3 terraces with gorgeous two-storey cloisters. The house has a water tank with a beautiful mosaic depicting a panther devouring a deer. The mosaic floors throughout the house are naturalistic and among them there are performances of the seabed, dolphins, tigers and panthers and an amazing mosaic of a Nereid on hippocampus.

roman villa of Kos