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Climate temperatures and weather in Kos

The island of Kos has a climate that is a mixture of both semi-tropical and Mediterranean weather conditions. The summers are long, hot and dry and in the height of summer there is an average of 14 hours constant sunshine. Summer weather begins during May with temperatures gradually rising to reach an average of around 21 degrees centigrade during the day and dropping a few centigrade at night. In June the temperature averages around 25 degrees, again dropping to the low 20s at night. The hottest weather occurs during July and August with temperatures sometimes reaching 40 degrees centigrade or more. Generally though you can expect a temperature of around the mid to low 30s.

A cooling sea breeze helps to freshen the atmosphere but it can get very hot in the middle of the day. The winters are very mild with the coolest period during January and February when the daytime temperature drops to around 13 degrees centigrade and 8 degrees at night. From October to May is the rainy season which is particularly the case in December. Nevertheless, even during winter you can expect an average 4 to 5 hours of sunshine per day. By March the rainfall gradually becomes less and the island bursts into life with an abundance of lush greenery and spring flowers. The temperature begins to creep up with an average of 12 degrees in March, 15 degrees in April and reaching a pleasing 20 degrees by May.

If you find the heat of the summer too much the best time to visit Kos is during the spring or autumn when the weather is less intense with warm, sunny days and cooler evenings. You could also experience some refreshing rainfall at these times of year. In autumn the sea still holds the warmth of the long summer whereas in spring it is exhilaratingly fresh. One of the advantages of visiting Kos during spring or autumn, aside from the less extreme heat of summer, is the lack of tourist crowds. Whether at the start of the season in spring, or the end of the season in autumn the local people will give you a sunny welcome and ensure your holiday is one that will leave you with pleasant memories