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Places to visit in Kos

Kos is a place with thousands of years of history and in every corner you will find signs from various cultures. Kos had the same common fate with the other Dodecanese but it certainly played a role in shaping its specificity, the ancient Temple of Asclepius, the short passage of the Knights of St John, the proximity to Turkey and the Italian occupation in the early 20th century. .

Inside the city of Kos you can visit the Roman villa a restored Roman house with wonderful mosaics and the Conservatory from the 3rd century BC, a section of the Roman road, a part of the Gymnasium from the 2nd century BC and the two buildings that housed the Roman baths and and mosaics.
In the Archaeological Museum you will find a collection of prehistoric findings, architectural marble parts of temples and buildings, classical and Hellenistic sculptures, small statues of Hippocrates, Aphrodite, Demeter and other deities as well as inscriptions and mosaics.
The Knights Castle from the 15th century located on the right side of the harbor nd maintained in very good condition with a double wall and moat.
The plane tree of Hippocrates that according the tradition planted by Hippocrates about 2400 years ago and that beneath its shade Hippocrates taught medicine to his students. Next to the tree located the Muslim Mosque from the 18th century.
The Asclepion from the the 4th century BC is the most popular sight of Kos located 4 km from Kos town. Build within a grove of cypress was the largest hospital of Ancient Greece.

The castle and settlement of Palaio Pyli located three kilometers southeast of the village Pyli. The medieval village was deserted and abandoned by its inhabitants between 1810 and 1830. The houses were protected by a medieval fortress the remains of which are at the top of a steep, naturally fortified hill. This castle was often a refuge for the residents of Kos. The castle and the village of Palaio Pyli are one of the most important Byzantine monuments of Kos.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Kos at Eleftherias square was build by the Italians in 1935.

antimachia castle

The Castle of Antimahia

Built by the knights of St. John during the 13th century AD on a hill and dominates the plain around Kardamena

the knights castle

Castle of the Knights

The Castle of the Knights (also called Castle of Neratzia) located At the entrance of the port of Kos town

Asclepion of Kos

The Asclepion of Kos

The sanctuary of Asclepius was build in the 4th century BC for the cult of Asclepius

ancient city of Kos<

The ancient city of Kos

The ruins of the ancient city of Kos was discovered by the Italians during the 1933 earthquake

plane tree of Hippocrates

The plane tree of Hippocrates

The plane tree of Hippocrates located behind the Government House and near the Venetian Fortress.