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Shopping in Kos

shops in kosIn Kos town and the other main tourist resorts there are all kind of shops, clothing outlets, hardware shops, mobile telephony, news agencies, bakeries and supermarkets. Especially cheap like all over in Greece are tobacco products and wine.
In the pastry shops of the island you will find local sweets like Baklavas, Galaktoboureko and almond macarunes . In the Municipal Market of the city, you can buy local products like the famous krasotiri (wine cheese), dry fruits, jam and various spices and the local drink from cinnamon (kanelada). Try the famous sweet tomatoes from Platani, a few kilometres outside the city of Kos and the famous water melons from Mastichari. In tourist shops you will find post cards, ceramics and other common memorabilia like in most of the Greek islands.

In recent years the tradition of winemaking by local people has been rediscovered and a good selection of wineries and wine bars have opened. The best one to go to is the famous wine cellar of Vasilios Hatziemmanouil which you will find on the slopes of Mt. Dikaion at Asfendiou. Here is made the only island wine made from locally grown Cabernet and Syrah grapes. Choices are red, white or rose.

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