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The most beautiful beaches of Kos

kos beachThe island of Kos offers a wide choice of beaches to visit. Along the north coast you will find sandy beaches and crystal clear sea that is mostly shallow and warm. Here too the coast is generally more windy, often giving a refreshing cool breeze on a very hot day. The beaches along the southern coast of the island generally have calmer waters which are slightly darker in colour although still clear and fresh. You will find beaches that are both sandy or pebbly and sometimes a combination of the two types. Many are well organized with umbrellas and sun beds, cafes, bars and water sports but there are still others which are tranquil and less crowded.

With the exception of the very crowded city beaches of Kos Town, the beach of Psalidi is the closest to the city and lies about 3km to the south-east. It is an extremely popular beach thanks to the presence of the numerous tourist facilities which include hotels, guest houses, bars and taverns interspersed with lush vegetation and green spaces. The beach is mainly frequented by surfers and yachts, attracted by the windy conditions on this coastline. Like other beaches in this area it is a mixture of sand and pebbles with well-organized facilities for the visitor.

paradise beachThe beach of Lambi is located about 4km north-west of Kos Town. It is a long sandy beach approximately 1km long. the beach is well organised with sun beds and umbrellas, beach bars, cafes and water sports. Given its proximity to Kos Town it is a very popular beach and visited by many tourists. Lambi is well shaded, surrounded by lush countryside, easy to reach and has good eating places.

Agios Stefanos is one of the major seaside resorts in the gulf of Kefalos. It is located about 40km from Kos Town and lies about 3km north-east of Kefalos.The mixture of gravel and sandy beach stands on a rocky region within lush green surroundings. As is the case in the whole Bay of Kefalos, the waters at Agios Stefanos are clear and clean. The beach is well organised with sun beds and umbrellas and facilities for water sports. A good selection of tavernas, cafes and bars line the beach front. Just off the shore line is the small islet of Kastri with its tiny church. This little island is easily reached by swimming and can also sometimes be reached by foot. Around the island are rocks which offer some splendid opportunities for snorkelling.

Agios Theologos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kos and is located on the western coast, easily reached from Kefalos.It is a tiny beach that is made up of many small bays and rocky coves, with a dramatic backdrop of rocky cliffs. the beach is comprised of sand and gravel and it is ideal for sunbathing and windsurfing as well as offering one of the best views of the spectacular Kos sunsets. The village also has some excellent fresh fish tavernas.

Heading south from Agios Theologos, along the western coast, you will see a breathtaking vista of small rocky coves until you reach an unmade road and a path which overlooks the sea at the southern tip of the island. At the bottom of this dirt road is beautiful beach of Cavo Paradiso. Difficult to get to, although accessible by car, it is certainly worth visiting. Here the sea takes all the different shades of blue that you can imagine, whilst the beach changes from white to pink. Due to its less easy access it is never crowded but you will find some sun beds and umbrellas provided for shade as well as a small cafe selling food and drinks. In the same area you will find the similar beaches of Agios Mammas and Agios Ioannis.

Agios Fokas beach lies about 6km south of Kos Town. It is a quiet pebbly beach mixed with a little sand, continues for approximately 2km and includes the famous thermal baths of Therma. Agios Fokas is well organised with umbrellas and sun beds but it is a quiet beach with a delightful landscape which is particularly enchanting at sunset where you can enjoy the splendid view and beautiful colours of the approaching dusk.

tigaki beachThe beach of Tigaki is located 12km to the west of Kos Town along the northern coast of the island. It is one of the most popular beaches mainly due to its 10km of white sand, clear, shallow waters and Blue Flag status. It is a perfect beach for families with small children where paddling and the creation of sandcastles can be enjoyed. It is extremely well organised with sun beds, umbrellas, water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and paragliding. There are some excellent restaurants and fish tavernas along the beach front. The location of the beach has a unique landscape. Inland the beach has a backdrop of a lush green valley whilst out to sea there is a clear view to the neighbouring islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos and the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey.

Kardamena beach lies along the southern coast about 30km south-west of Kos Town. Here you will find slightly sloping white sandy beaches and a clear, calm sea which makes it perfect for families. The beach extends for more than 3km on both sides of the village of Kardamena and is well organised with umbrellas, sun beds, tavernas, bars and cafes. Kardamena is the second most popular tourist destination after Kos Town for holiday makers. As such, it offers many recreational facilities as well as a lively nightlife with many bars, clubs and discos. From the beach you can take daily excursions by boat to Paradise Beach

agios fokas beachFurther down the coast from Agios Fokas are the thermal springs of Therma. The source of these hot therapeutic waters come from a nearby cave and flow through a small channel into the sea where they form a pool surrounded by stones. Here the water temperature is extremely pleasant and it is a wonderful experience to bathe in these waters whilst watching the drama of the setting sun. The therapeutic waters are renowned for their alleviation of aches and pains associated with rheumatism, arthritis and gynaecological problems. The beach itself however is not particularly attractive for sunbathing being made up of dark stones and pebbles.

kefalos beachMastichari lies along the northern coast about 30km west of Kos Town. It is a beautiful beach of golden sand and clear blue waters. It is well organised with umbrellas, sun beds and various water sports available as well as offering good quality accommodation. Mastichari began life as a fishing village and, consequently, you can find many very good tavernas and restaurants offering fresh fish caught that day. There is a small port where you can take day trips and excursions by boat to the neighbouring islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos.

Marmari is located on the northern coast of the island around 15km from Kos Town. The beach has held Blue Flag status for many years and it is a beautiful golden sandy beach backed by sand dunes at its western end. The sandy beach is long and wide, well organised with sun beds and umbrellas as well as water sports. The sea at Marmari is shallow, crystal clear and bright blue in colour and the views out to sea include the neighbouring islands of Kalymnos and Pserimos as well as the Bodrum Peninsula in Turkey. There are plenty of facilities in Marmari for both eating and accommodation.

Paradise Beach is on the southern coast of the island located about 33km from Kos Town and 7km from Kefalos. To the left of Paradise Beach is an area known as Bubble Beach, due to the production of bubbles in the sea caused by volcanic steam under the water. Magic Beach, is also located along this bay and is a long, wide and wild beach with only one taverna and no jet skis or other organised water sports. Exotic Beach, or Xerokampos or Kampos, is to the west of this stretch of sand and is a nudist beach. Sunny Beach, is within walking distance from Magic Beach and is well organised with sun beds and umbrellas. Banana Beach, is very picturesque with its numerous juniper shrubs clinging to the sand dunes. Camel Beach, is the smallest and most isolated beaches in the bay and is reached by descending a very steep road from the town of Kefalos. It has fine sand and is popular for snorkelling.

kamari beachKamari beach is the beach closest to the village of Kefalos, which lies approximately 2km behind the beach on a small hill and overlooking the bay. The local people often refer to Kamari beach as Kefalos beach. It is a beach comprised of a mixture of sand and gravel and stretches for some 5km with crystal clear waters which strangely are quite cold, in fact the coldest on the island. Kamari is a very popular beach and one of the busiest in the bay. It is well organised with umbrellas and sun beds and offers a variety of water sports to choose from. There are some excellent restaurants and fish tavernas along the sea front as well as a good choice of tourist accommodation. The small port at Kamari makes excursions and boat trips for fishing and to other beaches on the island.

Limnionas Bay is approximately 5km from Kefalos on the north side in the west of the island. Limionas Beach is a quiet and secluded sandy beach where you can spend the whole day walking, swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. It offers umbrellas for shade and sun beds and showers. From the shore you can enjoy panoramic views of the neighbouring island of Kalymnos and the tiny pedestrianized island of Telendos to its west. At Limionas there is a small harbour with fishing boats that make fishing trips and excursions.