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Kefalos Kos

kefalos43km from Kos Town, Kefalos is located on the southwest side of the island and its main feature is the imposing windmill of Papavasilis. Kefalos is a lovely peaceful resort where you can breathe the authentic atmosphere of ancient Greece. It is an area of natural beauty, set on a hill top and surrounded by some glorious scenery. There is a picturesque Old Town with authentic whitewashed, stone houses and a maze of narrow alleys and ruins of an ancient castle. Popular for its sand and shingle beaches with their crystal clear waters it is a resort devoted exclusively to the sea. There is a lively restaurant area on the eastern beach side and boat trips are available to the striking Krikello Cape or the small islet of Kastri, within swimming distance from the beach, on which stands the small church of Agios Nikolas which protects sailors. Excursions are also available further a field to the volcanic island of Nisyros or Rhodes. The resort has a selection of relaxing tavernas where you can listen to live music in the evenings as well as some late night bars. However, it is within easy reach of lively Kos Town or Kardamena for a more vibrant evening entertainment. Other interesting places close to Kefalos are the Byzantine church of Panagia Palatiani. This church stands on top of the hill and enjoys some spectacular views of Kefalos and the sea below. 3km south of Kefalos, in the area of Palatia, are the ruins of the ancient Hellenistic city of Astypalaia, which was the capital city of the island in ancient times. Here too are the ruins of a temple dedicated to Dimitra the Goddess of agriculture, the remains of a temple of Asklipios, a Doric temple and a Hellenistic theatre where you can identify two rows of seating. About 7km to the west of Kefalos is the interesting Holy Monastery of Agios Ioannis Thymianos, This monastery is shrouded in a perennial plane tree , covering it almost completely and reaching up to envelop its bell tower.

Things to See and Do

Visit the Traditional House in the old town. This is a Folk Museum which includes exhibits representing the history of agricultural life in the region.
Whilst in the Old Town walk to the ruins of the medieval castle and also to the old mill that dominates the village.
Visit the ruins of the ancient city of Astypalea in Palatia.
The church of Panagia Ziniptisa, a couple of km south of Palatia, is worth a visit and you can enjoy spectacular views of Kefalos and the sea.
Fairly close to the church of Panagia Ziniptisa is the Aspri Petra cave, also known as Aspri Tripa Cave where remains have been found which date back to Neolithic times.
The ruins of the Basilica of Agios Stefanos at nearby Kamari where you can also enjoy the tranquillity of the little fishing village with its colourful fishing boats.
The Monastery of Agios Ioannis Thymianos .


Aside from Kefalos beach itself, the main beach close to the village is Kamari beach which is really an annex of Kefalos. The long beach of sand and pebbles follows the curve of the bay and is around 2 km in length. The beach is well organised with plenty of water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, paragliding and skiing. At the northern end of Kamari beach are some Greek ruins.
A few kilometres to the north of Kefalos there is the beautiful beach of Agios Stefanos which stretches for more than 5km.

Around ten kilometres to the north is the charming village of Limionas which has a great beach, perfect for snorkelling. The town is known for its beautiful sunsets and there is a small sheltered harbour with tavernas serving freshly caught fish.
From the harbour at Kefalos there are many small boats and ferries that go several times a day to different beaches around the island such as Paradise Beach, or Bubble Beach, Magic Beach, Sunny Beach, Exotic Beach and Camel Beach.

Around ten kilometres to the west is the small nudist beach of Hiladhriou. You should be aware that nude bathing is not legal on all beaches, only on those dedicated for that purpose. Likewise, although topless sunbathing is legal nationwide, several areas have adopted their own policy and if you see signs forbidding topless bathing these should not be ignored as the penalty could be a three day jail sentence if you have been warned but chose to ignore this warning. .