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Hippocrates plane tree Kos

Very close to the castle of the Knights and the Ancient Agora of Kos there is a centenarian plane tree with a huge trunk like a cave. Its age, although not precisely defined, is believed to exceed 2,300 years. The trunk diameter at its base, is 4.70 meters and has a circumference of 10.50 meters.
According the tradition under its shadow Hippocrates taught his students .
Next to the tree there are two fountains from the Ottoman conquest of Kos and an inscription in Arabic that mentions that the water comes from the source of Hippocrates.

Around the small square there are single-storey and two-storey buildings used as offices for the needs of the county Kos and tourist shops.In the shade of the trees opposite the "plane of Hippocrates" there is an old fountain with drinking water.
The tree of Hippocrates is a historical attraction which is visited by thousands of tourists from Europe and the rest of the world

Hippocrates tree kos