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Castle of the Knights or Neratzia Castle

Kos has one of the most well preseved castles in the greek islands. The imposing castle in the port of Kos is one of the most important castles built by the Knights during the 200 years of their activities in the Dodecanese.
The Castle of the Knights or Neratzia Castle (named from the bitter orange trees "Neratzies" in Greek, which grew in its precinct) , it is united with the defensive wall of the city of Kos, with a bridge that is very well preserved and underneath passes an impressive avenue with palm trees.

The Castle of the knights with the castle on the coast in Bodrum controlled the sea passage to the Holy Land during the Crusades. During its construction the knights used many architectural elements from the ancient city of Kos and their presence is still very evident in the castle even today.

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