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Architecture of Kos

The island of Kos is characterized by the typical architectural style of the Dodecanese islands, but local elements have been altered slightly by the growth of tourism on the island. The earthquake of 1933 destroyed many original buildings and the typical two storey house with painted wooden doors and windows is now not so obvious in places like Kos Town. Many hotels have been constructed to accommodate the tourist boom and the growth of tourist resorts has been quite dramatic. Havouzia, is the only historical part of the Kos Town that is still standing due to a preservation order. It is located behind Agia Paraskevi, The houses are built of stone and lime, while the doors and windows are framed with thin stone and the roofs are flat, in order to collect rainwater. You can also see examples of traditional architecture in Asfendiou where you can get a feel for the way of life lived by the people of Kos over the centuries.


architecture of kos