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Castle of Antimachia

The Castle of Antimahia in Kos, although is not particularly well known, has a very important and rich history. The castle was built by the Knights to strengthen the island's defenses in the mainland as it was unaffected by the sea. The Castle of Antimahia came to complement the 14th century network of fortifications that included the Castle of Nerantzia at the port of Kos, the Castle in Pyli and the castle in Kefalos.

The most important historical moment for Antimahia was the siege in June 1457 by the Ottomans. 15 knights and 200 natives resisted effectively for 23 days and forced the 16000 man army to raise the siege and leave the island. Even today the castle reflects the historic grandeur. Inside you will find the churches of Agia Paraskevi, Agios Nikolaos and the ruins of Panagia Eleimonitria

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